007. weekly writing updates

Not quite weekly, as I’m a bit behind, but life has been a bit trying lately – I’m struggling with my anxiety disorder this week and the chaos it tends to cause in my life. I can generally manage to get through the work days intact, but the evenings, when I have time to do my writing, tend to be lost as it acts up. Still, I’ve managed a bit of writing so far this month, and while it’s far from my goal (I had hoped to get 15,000 words deeper into Book 2), it’s certainly better than nothing! If anyone else struggles with anxiety like this, I hope you can find something stable to keep you grounded.

As for the writing, I’m certainly struggling with the middle part of the story. My planning tends to be thinner during this section, and so when I sit down to write, I’m left to my own devices to follow what my fingers come up with, and this can be really hard. It’s much slower-going than the beginning or the end, which are planned quite clearly in my mind. Does anyone else struggle with this as much as I do? I hate the middle! Haha. I know what I want to get to, but it’s so difficult to actually get the words on the page. I’ll keep working, though, and hopefully by July I’ll have made my way out of both the dreaded middle and my own anxious mess. 🙂