008. weekly writing updates

It’s been a long time between updates due to my job stealing all of my time, drive, and creativity away for the past three weeks – it’s a rough time period when we hit the end of a semester, and the exams, grading, and paperwork is all due in a heap. It’s not an enjoyable time at all, but we are nearing the end of it with only a few more administration days and some unfortunate summer camp requirements, and once I’ve cleared that, it’s home free summer vacation time!

I’m really hoping that as my creativity surges back without being constantly dampened by my full-time job, my writing juices will start flowing again as well, and so far, looking at only today, it seems to be working: I wrote more today in two hours than I had for over three weeks, and this week finally managed to finish a chapter that I’d been picking at since the beginning of July. Hooray! This bodes well for productivity over the break – at least until my husband and I take off for a much-anticipated vacation.

In the meantime, you can still get The Life Siphon for free from Story Cartel for a few more days, in exchange for an honest review, and I’m plugging away at the second book in hopes that the first draft will be ready to be attacked with the editing pen in the fall – when I am also hoping to do a cover and title reveal, including a Goodreads giveaway of some paperback editions of The Life Siphon! Look forward to that, and I hope everyone is having a great summer so far.