009. Summer Vacation Read-a-thon!

As I’m now on the much-anticipated summer vacation portion of my yearly teaching duties – hooray! – I’ve started a bit of a read-a-thon. Prior to vacation starting, I scouted out the books I wanted to read and review during the summer holidays: genre fiction in the fantasy and historical genres that just happen to have LGBTQ+ protagonists. Much of the LGBTQ+ fiction available today is contemporary, and it’s great that so much is now available, but my first love is genre fiction, and so when I find fantasy or historical books that feature LGBTQ+ protags, I get very excited! As such, I collected some books that I’ll be reading and reviewing during the summer holidays that fall into these categories.

I thought I’d post the reading list here, too. There are a few books included that are written by fellow NineStar Press authors (the press that will be publishing my F/F novella come February), and some that I stumbled upon while perusing GoodReads lists. If you want to keep up with my reviews (and remember, I only ever post reviews as a reader! You should never take them as fact about the quality of books), you can follow my GR profile here.

(All authors marked with * are from NineStar Press.)

  1. Justin’s Season by S. M. Sawyer*
  2. Making Love by by Aidan Wayne*
  3. The Gentlemen’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee
  4. Fingersmith by Sarah Waters
  5. The Sisterhood by Penelope Friday
  6. Fagin’s Boy: The Further Particulars of a Parish Boy’s Progress by Christina E. Pilz
  7. Into the Mystic (Vol. 1) by NineStar Press (anthology)*

It’s possible that, if I read very quickly, I might have some extra time at the end to add some more – during my vacation, I’ll be traveling a lot on planes, and will have quite a lot of reading time. If you have any suggestions for other books that would fit into this category – which is admittedly rather hard to find – please let me know! I’m always excited to get new genre book recs with LGBTQ+ protagonists.