010. autumn is just around the corner

Are you on NoiseTrade? If you are, The Life Siphon is now available for download there! If you aren’t sure what NoiseTrade is, it’s a site that connects fans with books, music, and other content in order to create new connections and increase visibility. As always, if you enjoyed the book, it would mean a lot if you would consider leaving a review on Goodreads or Amazon! Reviews are so helpful for indie authors.

My husband and I are back from our two-week holiday in SE Asia, which means I’m back at work and back to writing again. While I’m a terribly inconsistent writer at the best of times, often going days without writing before sitting down and pounding out 4,000 words, I’m trying to work myself into a routine that is more dedicated. So far, I’ve written at least 500 words each day this week, and am aiming to continue this. I’ve never been able to really keep up a schedule like this due to real life, anxiety, and work issues, but I’m hoping that at least setting the goal will motivate me to try and meet it each day.

The progress so far means that the first draft of The Life Siphon book 2 is now at 67,000 words!

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I’m also halfway through my summer read-a-thon; real life fell during some unfortunate times this summer, and severely impacted my ability to finish the list, but I’ll still be working through the titles that I can during the fall.