011. editors & editing

As I’m currently going through my first round of edits with my editor from NineStar Press, who will be publishing my F/F fantasy romance novella in February, I thought I would center this blog post around editing and editors.

I’ve really been enjoying this experience so far, even though it takes quite a long time to get through these changes and I’m working on a deadline while still holding down my full-time job, my social life, and the household chores that fall on my shoulders. My editor is wonderful at pointing out the things I tend to do way too much – word repetition, semi-colon use, and shifting things to passive voice when they should be active. I’m incredibly thankful that I’ve gotten the opportunity to work through multiple drafts like this, because already, the things she has pointed out are things I will now apply to my other works as I’m creating second and third drafts.

With my self-published novel, I hired a freelance editor to do line-edits on my “mostly ready” draft near the end of the process, and I use beta readers to do the majority of the story development edits before I ever think about giving the work to an editor. With NSP, my editor is filling both roles, so it’s a different experience working through things with her. And the suggestions for changes are usually at my discretion, though I can’t say that I reject very many of them – she definitely knows best!

As for the overall plot and structure, my novella hasn’t needed much since I went through myself on multiple rounds and adjusted the pacing that I thought it needed. But when The Life Siphon went through its second draft, I ended up redoing, removing, and altering entire chapters at a time. There was a huge shift between the first and second drafts, and all of the changes were for the better (even if, at the time, taking out whole chapters caused physical pain!). I can’t stress enough how important my beta readers are, and how much their input has shaped the course of both The Life Siphon and the upcoming second book.

Editing might be a thankless job, so I hope I can convey my gratitude to my editor once this novella is ready to publish. It’s already been a great learning experience!