007. weekly writing updates

Not quite weekly, as I’m a bit behind, but life has been a bit trying lately – I’m struggling with my anxiety disorder this week and the chaos it tends to cause in my life. I can generally manage to get through the work days intact, but the evenings, when I have time to do my writing, tend to be lost as it acts up. Still, I’ve managed a bit of writing so far this month, and while it’s far from my goal (I had hoped to get 15,000 words deeper into Book 2), it’s certainly better than nothing! If anyone else struggles with anxiety like this, I hope you can find something stable to keep you grounded.

As for the writing, I’m certainly struggling with the middle part of the story. My planning tends to be thinner during this section, and so when I sit down to write, I’m left to my own devices to follow what my fingers come up with, and this can be really hard. It’s much slower-going than the beginning or the end, which are planned quite clearly in my mind. Does anyone else struggle with this as much as I do? I hate the middle! Haha. I know what I want to get to, but it’s so difficult to actually get the words on the page. I’ll keep working, though, and hopefully by July I’ll have made my way out of both the dreaded middle and my own anxious mess. 🙂

006. weekly writing updates

Well, some fantastic news! My F/F fantasy romance novella has been offered a contract of publication (which I have accepted) through NineStar Press! Once there are more concrete dates for things in the publication schedule, I will report back here, but I’m very excited to be working with NineStar Press, which is a boutique LGBTQ publisher. 🙂 Look here for more updates as the schedule rolls out!

And in other fantastic news, The Life Siphon will have a free promotion for 5 days starting tomorrow, June 7, 2017! It’s only available through Amazon right now, so get the free copy while you can. And if you enjoy the story, I hope you will write a review – I’m so grateful to those who have taken the time to review the books already!

All in all, it’s been a wild week already, and it’s possible that I have some more changes coming my way. I’m hopeful that I can buckle down and get some more words on the page!

005. weekly writing updates

Life has been coming hard and fast recently, and though there are things on the horizon that might be possible, nothing is yet set in stone – and that feeling always makes me quite nervous! I’ve been trying to keep my mind busy in my downtime so that my anxiety doesn’t get bad, and that means that I got quite a lot accomplished when it comes to writing.

Now that the novella has been edited, I’m back to work on the second book in The Life Siphon duology. It’s been quite some time since I wrote this, and I’m hoping that falling back into the world isn’t too difficult. I’m rereading bits so that the characters and voice come back to me, and thought I would share a tiny sneak-peek snippet here: way out of context, and well into the second book’s story line, but hopefully just enough to whet appetites!

“Fools who wander into sandstorms are certainly strange,” Jotin replied. “He was adamant after seeing you in the storm.”

“And you understand him?” Yudai interjected, from behind Tatsu’s bad side.

Jotin did smile then, and his teeth were blindingly white against his skin. “I do not use magic, if that is what you are asking. He uses bird sounds, like normal. He simply won’t land until we investigate.”

He turned and continued forward, and Tatsu heard Yudai huff next to him.

“I wasn’t asking about magic,” Yudai grumbled. “Obviously the hawk uses bird sounds.”

I hope everyone is having a good week!

004. weekly writing updates

The first draft of the novella is complete! It’s been sent to the beta and I’ve done a read-through on my Kindle to look at it more objectively as a reader rather than the writer. I’ve already assembled a list of things that need to be added, changed, or otherwise edited, but I’m pretty excited about this, and I’m hoping that it will read like what I envision in my head. I’m also nervous as it’s a new genre for me – I don’t write much romance at all! Everything I write, even this novella, has a good heaping of plot in it mixed in with the romance. I hope this one strikes a decent enough balance to be viable as a “romance” piece.

I’ve been doing some loose thinking about a novella for The Life Siphon as well, set before the first book takes place. This will clearly be written after the second installment in the duology is done, and will likely spoil quite a lot of the duet if read prior to the novels themselves, but I’ve got some good ideas in place for it and I think it will be a good addition, if I decide to write it, to the characters – fleshing out some that were never given proper time to have it through story limitations. There’s always so much that falls to the wayside with POV and story arcs, and it’s nice to be able to go back to some of those lost points.

Other than that, life has been slow. Work is busy, and it’s hard to find time to be creative when my job saps so much of my creative processes, but I’m writing as much as I can!

003. weekly writing updates

The romance novella is almost 19,000 words now, and still going! I thought I would take this time to talk about my general writing process as I go through the drafts – I wonder if anyone else does this a similar way? Let me know!

Once the first draft is finished, I try to give it a day or two and then come back to look at it with fresh eyes, reading all the way through. This will usually help me pick up on pacing issues that aren’t visible as I’m writing it piece by piece. I’ll do some minor tweaking and editing, adding anything I think feels needs to be inserted, and then I’ll send it off to beta readers for some alternative feedback. I’ve been so lucky to have so many excellent readers who offer feedback to me – they are INVALUABLE to my writing! As the beta gets back to me with thoughts, feedback, and general issues (plotting, pacing, character development, etc.), I’ll take those comments and create a second draft. This tends to be where I add a LOT of words. The Life Siphon gained about 23,000 words between first and second drafts, and entire chapters were gutted out to be rewritten. It’s such a massive change!

After that, it’s subbing time! I’ve got a few small presses that I am eyeing for submission, who have all expressed interest in the genres I am writing about. This process is the long waiting process, which I am the absolute worst at – I have no patience! Luckily, I have multiple projects all going at the same time, so as I wait to hear back from publishers on submissions, I can be working on the second book in The Life Siphon duology, which is currently at first draft stage and sitting at 8 chapters.

Does anyone else have multiple drafts going so they can do something like this? It definitely helps lessen the anxiety of waiting on those sub requests!